Brief: Launch the new Hypervenom II boots with a campaign for deceptive, agile scorers. 

Role: Copywriter at Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

Creative Directors: Alberto Ponte, Ryan O'Rourke, Dan Viens.

Art Director: Emma Barnett

 Selected Press: Creativity - Washington Post - QartzVR Focus - Sport Techie - VR Journal - Gadget 

One of the hardest parts of production was finding a director who agreed that our idea could even be done.

Luckily Adam Berg and Digital Domain set up for the challenge and we created Nike’s First Virtual Reality Experience.

Don't play like Neymar Jr. Play as Neymar Jr.

You must view the experience in the latest YouTube app or Chrome desktop browser. 

Mobile – 360° Video

Open this video in the YouTube app, then move your phone around (right to left, top to bottom).

Mobile – Virtual Reality

 To view in virtual reality with your Cardboard headset on your Android device, open this link in the YouTube app, then tap the cardboard headset icon in the bottom right to switch into virtual reality viewing mode. Place your phone horizontally in the headset and look inside.

Desktop – 360° video

To view on your computer, open this link in Google Chrome and click to drag around.

Official Trailer

Neymar Jr. has a plan for every defender, they just don't know it yet.

Teaser #2

You've watched him play, now you can play as Brazil's #10 in Nike Football's First Virtual Reality experience launching June 25. 

Teaser #1

Fake defenders like Neymar Jr. Literally

We created a VR Poster and customized 50,000 google cardboards.

The Neymar Jr. Effect was also available through Oculus Rift and launched in 22 retail stores all around the world.

People's Reaction: The best feeling in the world.

Backstage Photos.

The story 

Writing a script for VR is one of the most challenging stories I've created.

In VR you have no control of what people will see; therefore, wherever they look, something interesting has to be happening.

This script was the beginning of the experience. Some parts survived, some parts changed and some parts didn't work out.

Take a look